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Marine Supply. Yacht Produce. Gourmet Delivery.
New Zealand is home to some of the finest produce in the world and it is something we love to celebrate.

Yacht Provision Company

Marinelogix is privileged to have our own in-house chef who takes pride in hand selecting gourmet products from New Zealand and Pacific Island artisans.

We also source the staples and specialty products you rely on from around the world, ensuring only the freshest and best ingredients will be provided to you through our international network of wholesale brokers.

We keep current with the latest products on the market - both local and imported - and have many contacts to source those 'hard to find' items.

- Deck Supplies

Cleaning Products and Deck Brushes

- Enginering Spares

Oils and Lubricants

- Gourmet Delivery

Fresh Produce, Meats, Poultry sourced and delivered to your vessel

- Charts & Aids

Charts and Aids to Navigation

National Marine Pacific Superyacht Supplies

Meet our supply partner

Marinelogix Clients Say

"Marinelogix have supported Dragonfly both locally in New Zealand and in the remote islands of the Pacific. The support is always 1st class and the team have delivered on time and on budget." - Captain Mike Gregory, M.Y Dragonfly