yacht agency

Service is everything and we constantly challenge ourselves on being able to provide fast reliable yacht service solutions.

Marinelogix Yacht Agency

Our team have all served onboard yachts and bring a professional understanding of operational yachting requirements when working together with crew, owners and management companies.

- Border Formalities

On arrival and departure our team will arrange Customs, Immigration, Bio security clearances.

- Berth & Marina Bookings

Marinelogix regularly works with Silo Marina, Nelson Superyacht Berth, Viaduct Harbour Marina, Westhaven Marina, Gulf Harbour Marina to name a few

- New Zealand Permits

New Zealand Yacht Charter permits and Pilot Exemptions

- Crew Support

Crew Vehicles, Crew Accommodation, Crew Travel

- Yacht Provisions & Fresh Produce

New Zealand produces some of the world’s finest culinary items which we constantly showcase and supply to clients globally. From the most exquisite world class wines to the freshest organic produce, meats, seafood and dairy.

- Bunkering

Bunkering, MGO, Jet A1, Tender Fuel and ongoing fueling solutions

- Engineering & Deck Spares

Our technical team are on hand 24/7 to source, secure and send all manner of engineering spares and deck supplies at a moment’s notice.

- Ongoing Yacht Support

Itinerary planning, destination management, financial administration, crew support

- Compliance

ISM / ISPS auditing - our senior management are often visiting vessels in the region to undertake audits on behalf of management companies.

Marinelogix Clients Say

"MLX handled everything from arrival, clearance and bio to berthing, dry dock and mini refit work as well as personally visiting and vetting owner cruise location stops. It was so refreshing to be back working with a boutique style agent again who was on the case and onboard every day taking care of everything personally with great attention to detail." - Captain David Broome